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What the heck IS Visible Transitions?

This question has been posed quite often lately and honestly, my photographic methodology is simple to explain yet difficult to define, for each client has different needs and desires. Perhaps you’d like to watch this 4 minute VIDEO made on a shoe-string budget, to help get a clearer ‘picture.’ Then read below for more information. In the next newsletter, you can read my story to learn from where my services spawn.

Transition is fundamental. Let’s make it joyful for our next generation… the youth!

Click here to see how it all works.

Do you know of a young person who is challenged in a life transition or about to embark on one?

What would your life be like if you and the children you love felt more ease and joy during a difficult life transition?

Visible Transitions is my photographic methodology to support young people who are challenged in a life transition. The methodology interweaves photography, coaching tools and non-duality teaching that show immediate evidence of progress and also provide life long leadership tools with an artistic approach. The results and benefits last a life time and can be implemented during a difficult transition such as parents divorcing, onset of illness, moving and puberty. This program is also very effective for preparing you for a fundamental life transition.

Visible Transitions is taking on a life of its own, one that was not expected. It is certainly bigger than me and I can hardly keep up with the new-found value that is being created. The kids, parents and community are delighted with the results and growth. We look forward to the next chapter and invite you to participate! You, your kids and community are encouraged and welcome to attend any or all of my offerings.



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