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The duality and the non-duality of the human body

I studied and worked in cardiovascular, intervention radiology for many years. During my studies, we dove into anatomy and physiology, one of my favorite topics to this day! Isn’t the human body just fascinating?! Now fast forward 2009-2014 rite of passage with adrenal exhaustion. A doozy of a life transition! Once I had enough stamina, In 2012 I studied with Hareesh Wallis and Cristina Star Ryan of Mattamayura Institute, receiving 120 hour Certificate of Completion in Yoga Philosophy and practice. This practice is specifically related to non-dualism, a study in, my own words, of becoming sincerely okay with what is. I liken it to being a neutral observer of my situation or life. If you’ve sat a 10 day Vipassana meditation, you can easily relate! There is reduction, even absence of aversion and cravings in this space. You can now imagine this leads to less suffering and more joy and ease. My methodology supports non-dualism. Alas, it was in this time I developed Visible Transtions.

Stay with me…

Duality is everywhere. Thus, it also exists in the body. I was humbled to write curriculum of Cardiovascular and Digestive systems for Dr. Daniels Anatomy and Physiology classes. The students devoured the teachings. Suffice to say, those who applied my methodology has significant breakthroughs in situations they were resistant to.

Now lets connect the dots between health, duality, female reproductive system and transition. The reproductive system is directly related to the adrenal glands. (See my research paper to learn more about this.) The adrenal glands are responsible for estrogen. Let’s take the transition of menopause. Less estrogen is produced so the adrenal glands are the only source of estrogen in the body. If the adrenals are taxed and not up to snuff, menopause may very well be a nightmare. Nightmare equals duality in the mind and body.

Visible Transitions supports reducing such stress and resistance…calming you down!

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