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Self-Care is the New Hustlin’

HUSTLE and FLOW can co-exist with a healthy balance. I used my very own signature Visible Transitions program to create said balance, to help navigate this personal transition of mine, to acquiesce from the hustling lifestyle to the self-care love style! I truly believe that Visible Transitions is more relevant than ever as the EARTH and all of its INHABITANTS are transitioning to a new lifestyle. Things won’t be going ‘back to normal’ anytime soon and our bodies, minds, souls, and energies are going through a transition as CoronApocolypse becomes the ‘norm’ for now. Our imperative is to SLOW DOWN and PAUSE in CURIOSITY, and Visible Transitions could help with that for many of us.

The irony is, while there’s never been a better time to share this amazing program, self-care while I’m grappling with this TBI means being unattached to the pace I had set for myself when I built my business and slowing down to focus on what my recovering brain can handle at the moment. I am working on finding a balance – between sharing my methodology with others and honoring the rest and radical soul care that my brain needs. For this reason, I am limiting the number of private clients I am working with for the time being. I am writing to share with you that I do have an opening for one more client this year, 2020.

If you’ve found yourself feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or anxious during this time – you’re not alone. If your normal self-care routine has been flipped on its head over the past few months – I get it. If you’re struggling to pause, be inquisitive, and be curious during an anxious time – that’s normal. If CoronApocolypse has made 2020 a time of transition for you, and you’re ready to go from overwhelmed to overjoyed using a sense of curiosity and your smartphone camera – contact me to be my final private client of 2020. If you have questions about Visible Transitions, my TBI, or what it means to be a private client, please reach out and we can set up an Introductory Zoom Session at no cost to you! Or you can schedule it right here!

In Curiosity & Gratitude,




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