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How to Turn Rage Into Usefulness (not Resistance) – May 29, 2020

Dancing with my Eyes Closed ~ Sunglasses Series. Video I

I want to clarify that the emotional intelligence tools I share are used for immediate remedy AND for long term favorable impact/outcomes and the ripple effect.

So, the more I practice pausing before excluding, marginalizing, etc, the more I get into harmony with myself and others/circumstances. The more I practice, the better equipped I am to respond to an immediate need.

I am not sure of the intention of the riots so don’t have enough information to connect the dots. Reading and watching are difficult for my brain/eyes right now, as you know. In the meantime, I wonder, Did the riots come from REactivity or a thoughtful Pause in Curiosity and inquiry to work towards equity?

When we are sincerely curious (not asking with assumption or projection) we access our intuition, gut instinct, creativity…to support us in taking favorable action. Let’s keep the conversation going. I’m on a workshop with Business Remixed w/ Trudi Lebron this morning on Anti Racism, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion for White Coaches. Sunglasses Series. Video I

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