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How To Shift Your Gears Into Optimal Functionality

“Life is Flux” — Heraclitus of Ephesus

… and we’ve got to Evolve…

Heraclitus told us back around 500 BCE that the only constant is change. If anything, the pace of change has picked up since then…

When navigating life transitions, even favorable events can be experienced as troubling and chaotic. Resistance and tension are a natural and predictable preface to any act of creation. Like it or not, they just go with the territory.

What makes people highly successful is the degree to which that tension/resistance is met with awareness and strategy.

You have big plans and dreams, you have great potential. What stands in the way of living your purpose?

What are your strategies for creating a smooth journey on choppy seas? 

Are you welcoming new life?  In menopause?  Making a move or career change? Going through a divorce? Dealing with a frightening diagnosis? Responding to painful news of the day?

For greater effect, there is always an opportunity to take in the sights from a higher vantage point.

Don’t end up the victim of others, or of circumstances. Meet the conditions that trigger RESISTANCE and TENSION with enhanced AWARENESS and SKILL, based on your AUTHENTIC VALUES.

Visible Transitions, designed to help you shift your gears into optimal functionality, regardless of what is going on in your life. You create value in your life through your practice. You build a foundation to support you to fly to the stars. In order to get to there, you’re going to need the technology – and Visible Transitions is your Super Thrusters!

What can you do now to instantly release stress, overwhelm, confusion and anxiety? Watch this short Facebook Live video to learn my  Neutrality Method.

Spend 2 minutes/day (or more if youre committed to results sooner than later) and note the following benefits:

  1. Get into flow state (The ZONE) quickly and easily, despite hectic schedules and setbacks

  2. Function at peak levels – rather than pushing while burned out, stressed out and bummed out

  3. Integrate prior knowledge to create FELT state, to super charge and activate your dreams

  4. Align with values and intentions to accelerate achievement of goals and visions

  5. No more taking things personally or being at the effect of your emotions! (What would that be like???)

Additional Benefits:

  1. Handling emotional triggers with aplomb

  2. Improved confidence, empowered decision-making

  3. Expanded awareness, so you can BE the change you wish to see

  4. Integrate new learning and habits that SERVE your mission and purpose, rather than distracting and sabotaging you

  5. Faith and resilience through trying times

  6. Acceptance and compassion for your inner child

  7. Increased productivity

  8. Deeper connection with self and others

  9. Reduced susceptibility to anxiety, overwhelm and stress

  10. Sustained periods of inner peace

Be sure to check in with me, a week from when you begin the neutrality method and share your awesome results! 

In curiosity and gratitude,




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