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How to Effectively Relate to Someone with a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)

Having a TBI can suck sometimes! It is also a beautiful gift to nudge us into the moment. Now that I am ‘out of my cocoon’ and partially fluttering about like a butterfly, I’d like to personally help you relate to me/and your loved ones with TBI in a way that is mutually viable.

  1. Be patient. We are slower than usual. We have difficulty processing, recalling and connecting dots of informatio

  2. Don’t take it personally. Expect lash back, bitchiness. Our brain and nervous system easily stimulated goes into fight or flight mode/Reactivity

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Bed bound in the dark for months, I was a clear witness to the zig and zag of societies, “Let me fill my schedule so full that I have no time for soul-care ~ in order to avoid my true feelings and reality.”

A time where ‘busy’ is sacred and ‘rushing’ here and there is popular self-care. (Say that with a Boston accent!)

I’m here to declare that ZERO resistance is the new hustlin’.

Can you see the GIFT of having a friend or loved one with a TBI? (It’s quite similar to the CoronApocalypse times!)

Can you see all the ways a TBI is clearly offering us the opportunity to:

* Slow down

* Pause in Curiosity

* Stay focused – one thing at a time

* Be patient

* Be unattached to the plan

* Be unattached to the pace

* Release your need to be in control

* Trust Life has your back (relax long enough to see/feel the evidence!)

Thanks for being with me on this illuminative and curious ride!




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