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Enjoying Each Other’s Differences

“Enjoying Each Other’s Differences”

Transitions are not only fundamental, but they are also prevalent both personally and globally today. Can ya feel the myriad of emotions and uncertainty?! I’m optimistic! And given we do not all share the same opinions or perspectives (really?!) orchestrating a loving environment may require a willingness to, at first, feel uncomfortable. Thankfully, that sweetness is on the other side of said discomfort!

Otherwise, when we attempt to stay the same or fight life as it is, resistance arises, like a wall separating you and me. While each of us is unique and yet so similar, we will never agree on everything. Accepting and enjoying that reality is what my Visible Transitions photographic process helps you to accomplish.

No matter what type of relationship you are engaged in, you’ll want to bring these tools to the table.

Recently I was giving a talk on this subject and an audience member asked a provoking question: “What if I don’t want to enjoy this person or spend time with them?” AWEsome inquiry!

I responded with this: Think about that said person with whom you feel agitated or disagree.  Are they taking up space in your head? Are you feeling distracted thinking of this person? Are you wanting them to be different or to see things your way? If the answer is YES, then I would do my “neutrality practice” regarding this person.  The thing is, when we have these energy leaks (distraction of this sort) we become distracted, our vitality drains and depletes us. So, take back your personal power by getting to the ZERO- Resistant state!

In summary, to disengage when you are triggered with the thoughts in your head, the neutrality practice helps you dislodge from believing that story which is producing your trigger. The outcome is, you get to be connected with yourself and all human beings, with JOY and EASE!

Want to create more ease, joy, connection and confidence in your life? Schedule a complimentary call to see if we’re a good match!

In curiosity and gratitude, Janet



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