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Choices ~ Downward Spiral

Dear ones!

Would you help me become a best-selling author? You’ll be part of a paradigm shift, a ripple effect of alternative healing. So many of us are not aware that we are at choice when it comes to our bodies and medical decisions! For years I was a ‘victim’ to western medicine, like a robot, obeying the Doctors commands.  Oblivious to my personal power, I lacked confidence in speaking up for myself and choosing what I knew to be true for me and my body. The one day, I ‘knew’ there was another way and my health choices came from my inner knowing coupled with due diligence and a team of experienced practitioners.

Here is an excerpt from my chapter #6 in compilation book, “Choices – Inspiring Stories of Healing through Alternative and Holistic Health Care This time of my life, I was in my early 40’s having lost most everything. A miracle occured ~ the birth of Visible Transitions, my photographic methodology which helped me heal. Now I am teaching it to thousands of people so they can easily cope with life changes such as illness, divorce, natural disasters and career.

“Days go by, and yet again I’m on the floor. I don’t want to be here, but this seems to be where the answers come. This is a safe place in some regards, and I have a roof over my head. In a state of curiosity and connection with the Universe, the answer whispers in my ear…CREATION. “What!? Creation? Ok, thanks and SO WHAT?!, Now what?!” This abiding in the state of curiosity is working well, so I leave the question again.

What feels like an exorbitant amount of time, the ethers finally nudged me with a pop-up command: Take pictures of your emotions. All of them, not just the ones you like. Happily, I obeyed this command and asked myself, “Janet, what does anger look like? What does relief look like? What does compassion look like?” Clicking away, making abstract, symbolic, pantomimed and literal images, I am feeling free and expansive! Ah-ha moment…I am CREATING with curiosity and a camera!”

You can read and learn more by purchasing the E-book for only 99¢ on Amazon before 7:00pm Friday, September 13th.

In curiosity and gratitude,




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